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KingsTalent: Sports and study in the USA!

As a student-athlete at a college in the USA you are a privileged person. Everything is being done to make you perform as well as you possibly can. Important matters such as guidance (in both educational and athletic aspects), facilities, training camps, and hotels are well taken care of. Nothing is left to chance. Your academic schedule is mostly planned around the athletic schedule, with the best guidance of course.

Together with your team mates you will daily try to achieve the highest possible results. On the practice field, in the gym and at the stadium during matches. You live, eat and study on campus together with your team mates, other athletes and other students. A solidarity that goes beyond… Friendships that come to be… You are part of a community, you are part of a legacy. This is playing sports and studying at a college in the United States.

‘Since my time as a student-athlete in the US my life isn’t the same. To study and to play sports in one of the most sports crazy countries in the world has changed my world completely. Living in New York City is like a dream coming true’, says Paul de Koning, founder of KingsTalent.

Are you between 16 and 23 years old, do you play soccer, field hockey or volleyball on a high level and are you looking for a life changing experience? KingsTalent offers you this chance! ‘Sign up now’ and receive a free personal assessment of your chances and possibilities.

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