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The process

When you are interested to play college sports and study in the US in the future it’s very important that you apply at KingsTalent as early as possible. There can be a considerable period of time between your application at KingsTalent and your registration at a college in the US. Normally this time can vary between 4 and 9 months. So don’t wait too long with signing up. KingsTalent will guide and inform you intensively during this entire period. Below are the most important milestones during this complex process.

Sign up now, it’s free and informal

On this website you can apply using the ‘Sign up now!’ button. This application is free of charge. Here we ask you to fill out your personal, academic and athletic information. After this initial signup KingsTalent will contact you personally within three work days and explain if you qualify or don’t qualify for KingsTalent service. This will depend mainly on your academic and athletic results and achievements. When we contact you we will also focus on your motivation and personal preferences so we can get off to a flying start.

Make a personal appointment with KingsTalent (together with your parents)

We like to meet you and your parents in person. During this meeting we get to know each other other and talk about your ambitions and possibilities. Of course all the information regarding playing sports and studying in the US will be discussed. The following subjects will be addressed:

– What is an American college campus atmosphere like?
– What does a day of a student-athlete look like and what is it like to combine study and sports in daily life?
– What does the college sports athletic season look like?
– What are the rules and regulations for college sports eligibility?
– Wat are scholarships, how do you qualify for a scholarship and what are the rules for scholarships?
– What does the process look like before you can eventually travel to the US and what are the rules and regulations?
– What are the costs of the process before you are eventually able to travel to the US?

Finally, during your personal appointment at KingsTalent, Paul de Koning will tell you all about his own experience as a student-athlete at Long Island University in Brooklyn, NYC. Paul was captain of the men’s soccer team.

We emphasize the importance of completely informing talented potential student-athletes and their parents about their chances and possibilities. This is a very big step for your future! The entire information process, including personal assessment of individual chances and possibilities and the personal appointment, is optional and free of charge.

Final sign up for KingsTalent service

When you and your parents are completely informed about the possibilities and chances of studying and playing sports in the US you will  take the next step: final sign up for KingsTalent service. We will build your personal profile on the website that is viewed daily by interested US college coaches. Because your privacy is very important to us your profile will be published in the special ‘coach-login’ environment, making it visible only for coaches. For this personal profile we will ask you to make a ‘highlight-video’, so coaches can see you playing ability and get an insight in your motivation and personality. We will also actively distribute your profile in our US coach network.

Taking tests

Next to your Dutch educational background there are additional demands before you can go on to study in the US. You will probably have to take the ACT/SAT-test or/and the TOEFL-test. Depending on your academic background these test(s) are mandatory for admission into a college or university program in the USA and becoming eligible to play.

Contact with coaches

When US college coaches are interested in your profile this will be discussed with you personally. Together, we will find out if the school matches your personal wishes and expectations. This is the part where your first contact with US college coaches will take place.
Making a choice for your future school is definitively not an easy decision. We will be advising you intensively during this period. Eventually you (together with your parents) will make the choice for the US college that best matches your wishes and expectations in terms of the scholarship offer(s) you are receiving, the school location, the school athletic level, the contact with the school’s athletic coaching staff and the school’s academic achievements and background.
Eventually you will reach an agreement with a college coach about your future ‘transfer’ to the US.

Student Visa and registration at a US College

When you have passed the tests and you received your results it’s time to register at the NCAA or NAIA eligibility website to request eligibility for playing college sports. This is also the time when your registration at the college will be finalized and you will apply for your student visa.

As stated above this entire process will take several months to complete. KingsTalent will provide you with the right information and professional guidance every step of the way.

Together we will achieve your successful transfer to the US college of your choice and realize your ‘life changing experience‘!