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College coaches in the United States are always looking to strengthen their squads, and little money and effort is spared in the pursuit of doing so. Every year, many coaches of America’s finest universities and colleges travel to the Netherlands to attend the various showcases KingsTalent organizes. Impress during one of our events, and you decide where you are going to continue your academic and athletic career!

In the past couple of years, over 200(!) coaches have flown to the Netherlands to watch our players compete each against each other. From San Diego to New York, from Miami to Oregon, coaches travel thousands of miles just to watch our talented players. Our showcases are an unique way of impressing coaches from the United States and to secure a contract at a prestigious university or college with great athletic programs. If you are interested in participating in of our showcases, then please visit this page!

Besides impressing the attending coaches, our showcase is also an exciting event where you can learn from and meet other talented athletes who share the same dream, which is to become a student-athlete in the United States. During the event, there are a couple of other activities which provides attending athletes with plenty of information about college sports in the United States. For example, there will be multiple presentations from current student-athletes as well as a Q&A session where both athletes and parents can ask questions.

At the end of the showcase, coaches will speak with the players who impressed them and will share information about their schools as well as discussing the possibility of joining their athletic programs.

At this moment, we organize showcases for the following sports: soccer (male and female) and field hockey (female). Interested in participating in one of these events? Sign up now!