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Soccer Showcase

Men’s Soccer Showcase

Since 2016, KingsTalent annually organizes a men’s soccer showcase. With around 10 to 15 attending coaches in the early editions, the event has exploded since. At the KingsTalent men’s soccer showcase in December 2019, 45(!) American colleges and universities attended with the goal of finding players that will strengthen their squads. With our men’s soccer showcase becoming one of the leading recruiting events across the globe, there isn’t a better time to participate and show yourself!

The next men’s soccer showcase will be held in December 2020. We will communicate the exact date as soon as possible. Would you like to participate and secure your spot in this event? Then sign up now!

Women’s Soccer Showcase

In February 2020, KingsTalent organized it’s first ever women’s soccer showcase. During this event, we had over 25 universities and colleges attending the showcase, with some of America’s finest women’s soccer programs present. A very promising number of schools and a terrific achievement considering this was our first women’s soccer showcase. Nevertheless, we are already looking to make next year’s showcase even bigger, better and more fun! If you are interested in being part of the next KingsTalent women’s soccer showcase, then sign up now!


Besides impressing the attending coaches, our showcase is also an exciting event where you can learn from and meet other talented athletes who share the same dream, which is to become a student-athlete in the United States. During the event, there are a couple of other activities which provides attending athletes with plenty of information about college sports in the United States. For example, there will be multiple presentations from current student-athletes as well as a Q&A session where both athletes and parents can ask questions.

During the soccer showcases, you will be coached by well-accredited coaches and play multiple matches (11 vs 11) which are led by official KNVB-referees. Additionally, all games will be filmed and shared with coaches who weren’t able to attend our showcase and added to the athletes personal recruiting video.


At the end of the showcase, coaches will speak with the players who impressed them and will share information about their schools as well as discussing the possibility of joining their athletic programs.



The following institutions are just a selection of schools that attended our last showcase, however it gives you an insight in both the high academic and athletic standard of schools that attend the annual soccer KingsTalent showcases.

  • St John’s – New York – 17.000 students
  • Oregon State University – Oregon – 29.000 students
  • University of Hawaii at Hilo – Hawaii – 4.000 students
  • Creighton University – Nebraska – 8.5000 students
  • Wake Forest University – North Carolina – 8.000 students
  • Kentucky University – Kentucky – 13.500 students
  • University of South Florida – Florida – 49.500 students
  • Villanova University – Pennsylvania – 10.900 students
  • Barry University – Miami – 9.000 students
  • University of Illionis at Chicago – Chicago – 29.000 students
  • University of Wisconsin – Wisconsin – 44.000 students
  • And many more…

Are you interested in participating in our showcases? Then sign up now!