Sport and study in the USA - 'Life Changing Experience’ - Thom Derks

Thom Derks to Mercyhurst University, Pennsylvania

Thom DerksKingsTalent is proud to announce that next season Thom Derks will play for Mercyhurst University at Erie, Pennsylvania. Mercyhurst University plays in the NCAA Division 2 Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference. Mercyhurst, PSAC champion of the 2014 season and ranked #33 nationally, went down in the Nationals last year in the third round at the hands of the University of Charleston. It’s up to the guys of coach Vidakovic to match this performance coming season.

Thom is praised by his coach for his speed, ability to go past his opponent and his effectiveness in front of the goal. This will be an important feat for the “Lakers” coming season. Thom, playing with number 5 coming season, has a lot of European players for teammates; Players from England, Sweden and Ireland. Also players from other parts of the world:  New Zealand, Canada, Honduras, Kenia, Mexico en South-Afrika!

Before Thom made this step he played in the youth academy of VVV-Venlo for four years. After this he returned to his old club Wittenhorst. Last year Thom played for Sarto in Tilburg (2nd Klasse), scoring 12 times.

Thom received his bachelors diploma Logistics and Economics in 2015 and will start a graduate study at Mercyhurst University.

Thom talks about his experience with KingsTalent: ”My first impression was very good, Paul and Han were very nice but more importantly, they were honest and direct. After hearing more information about ‘how and what’, I started reading stories about Paul and others who took the step to play soccer in the US. This is when I became determined that this is what I wanted to do! The first thing we had to do is make a good college soccer recruitment video, so coaches could see what I am capable of on the field. Next I had to take the TOEFL-test to prove my level of English. The most important thing was that I had to graduate my Dutch college education this year. In the mean time I had been in contact with multiple coaches from US college soccer teams. After I graduated things happened very quickly, one of the coaches was very interested. My high school and college transcript had to be sent to the US. When this was cleared I could apply formally at the American university’. Thom has been in touch with his new coach numerous times and also made contact with his future roommates who also play for the soccer team.


He really can’t wait to go and wants to fly sooner rather than later. Thom:”I’m really looking forward to it. It’s going to be a great time with the first months being very intense with training and getting settled in the US.”

KingsTalent wishes Thom good luck and a great time with studying and playing soccer in the US!

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