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Advantages of study in the United States


American colleges greatly value results, both in academic and in athletic fields. This is why these institutions are willing to invest in student-athletes who can raise their level of play and/or academics.
One year of study in college can cost between $25,000 and $75,000 in the US depending on the school. A scholarship is the way to greatly reduce these costs or even cover the costs entirely.

Live like a pro

As a student-athlete you are a privileged person. Competing daily with the best college sports players in the US both in training and in matches makes you a better player. Everything is being done to make you perform as well as you can, both in the classroom and on the field. Important things such as academic guidance, facilities, training camps and hotels are well taken care of. You will be using facilities that will envy many Dutch professional sport clubs. Nothing is left to chance. Your academic curriculum will be planned around your athletic schedule as much as possible. All that matters is your performance on the field and getting good grades in the process.

Personal Development

On campus you live, eat and study together with your team mates and other athletes. A solidarity that goes beyond sports. You will increase your personal independence and live in a top sport environment where results will be expected. Friendships for life will arise. Your time in America will be a unique experience and a great adventure.


After period in the United States you will return to the Netherlands with an accredited international diploma which will greatly improve your chances to find an interesting job.

Command of the English language

Command of the English language is of great importance and invaluable for nearly all careers. To study and to live in an English speaking country ensures that your command of the English language will be excellent in both speaking and writing. This is an serious advantage for the rest of your life!

Career opportunities

At this moment you probably don’t even think about it, but after your academic career you are probably going to look for a challenging career opportunity. Recruiters of (big international) companies are looking for that one person that brings something extra to the table. It’s not all about work experience and diploma’s.
Next to the fact that you can charm recruiters with your enthusiasm about studying and playing sports in the United States you won’t have any trouble convincing that person about your independence and focus on high level performance. This is what companies are looking for!
The experience in the USA may well be your edge over other candidates with the same education and the same work experience and definitely gives you a better chance for an (international) job opportunity.